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Supplier of multi-way all-plastic packaging for high purity electronic chemicals and highest purity XLSI requirements.

The 150 kpa pressure rated 1000 liter (263gal) Poly IBC's (totes)
feature exchangable 2-layer wall inner bottles totally enclosed in reinforced, thick walled, multi-layer outer boxes for maximum protection.The UC-S-1000 units are suitable forNitric Acids up to 70% with an approved 21 month shelf life for the inner bottles.

The 300 KPA pressure rated 220 Liter (55 gal) drums
are designed to withstand high vacuums, especially for Ammonia and Ammonia solutions.

The totes are UN and DOT certified for 1.9 density chemicals, stackable (filled) 2 high for storage, and are approved for shipment with Entegris or AS-Honeywell dip tubes installed.

All Rikutec packaging is available in conductive versions for highly flammable chemicals with flashpoints below 60° C.

Contact us for more information: Info@Rikutec.com

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