The Poly-IBC product properties
• highest protection against damage from outside
• optimal deformation characteristic at high dynamic loads
• high stackability (min. 2 high) static load up to 1.7
• increased multiple trips
• 100%non-corrosive
• 100%recyclable
• high cost-to-benefit rate
• efficient reconditioning

CD 1000 – Capacity: 1,000 litres
• for packing of highly flammable liquids, UV-sensitive products, electronic chemicals with flashpoints below 60°C
• conductive 106 Ω
• high purity bottle –very low trace metals, very low particle generation
• non-corrosive
• safe conductibility also afterdrainage
• PTB-approved TRbF
• UN-approved
• DOT Certified

P/N 11500006
Approval-No.: 31 HH1/Y/BAM/6435/0/2070
DOT Approval-No.: 31HH1/Y/USA/+AP4037/0/1543

Technical data
 Dimensions L x W x H 39” x 47” x 46”
 Weight 215 lbs
 Filling hole  3 x S 62 x 5

Poly-IBC consisting of:
Poly-IBC, (outside) box
• manufactured by a proprietary stretchmoulding-process inclusiveof pallet feet moulded in one step
• coextruded wall-design with three layers
• inside and outside layer HDPE
• center layer made with HDPE plus structural foam
• outside dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 1170 mm
• weight: approx. 55 kg

Poly-IBC, (inside) bottle
• manufactured by a patented coextrusion blowmoulding-process
• two layer wall-design
• inside layer made from HDPE no additives
• outside layer made from HDPE
• the dimensions are equivalent to the international standard of the marketable bottles
• weight: approx. 21 kg

Poly-IBC, (top) cover
• optional open or closed design from HDPE
• weight: approx. 9 kg

Poly-IBC, (bottom) pallet
• frame design from HDPE
• exchangeable pallet boards
• weight: approx. 7 kg

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