outside layer – conductive HDPE with UV stabilization,
Inside layer – high purity HDPE without additives


CD = conductive
The RIKUTEC Drum has a multilayer structure and is manufactured by high purity coextrusions blowmoulding technology. Special types of HDPE are used. The HDPE for the inside layer has no additives nor stabilizers, resulting in an ultra clean drum – very low trace metals and particles count. The RIKUTEC Drum is perfectly shaped for high vapor pressure and vacuum.  The special design of the bottom and top, as well as the body, guarantees high stability and rigidity.  Top and bottom rings fit concentrically for safe stacking.


CD DRUM Technical data
Capacity  Weight
 Outer dimensions 
ø x Height
 Filling hole
Approval Nr.
P/N 12000000
200 l (214 l)
32 lbs
23.6 X 40
2 X S62 X 5
1 H1/Y/150 BAM 7369
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